Three Seas 33

Three Seas is Northeastern University's Marine Biology program spanning Nahant, MA; Friday Harbor, WA; and Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Students take intensive, graduate level marine biology courses that explore three diverse ecosystems. I completed the Three Seas program in 2016, these are my photos and videos of that time.




Friday Harbor



2016-01-25 15.19.21.jpg

New England intertidal Ecology

We began our time in Nahant, Massachusetts at Northeastern University's Marine Science Center. We studied blue mussels, oceanography, invertebrates, and science techniques such as diving for science and experimental design. We also visited Quoddy Head, Maine.


Marine Mammals and conservation

Three Seas continued in Friday Harbor in September, where we studied marine mammals and birds, molecular ecology,  and conservation biology. Our stay was punctuated by dives, field trips, and several whale watches in and around the San Juan Islands, Washington.

Coral Reefs and Tropical rainforests

Panama was the last part of our program, covering Coral Reef ecology, Coral biology, fishes ecology, tropical terrestrial ecology, and ocean and coastal processes. Topics of study included tourism impacts on the reefs, coral bleaching, and water column dynamics. We visited Bocas del Toro and Coiba National Park.

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