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Tim has been diving and taking photographs for over 10 years. His work highlights marine conservation challenges and successes, groundbreaking researchers, and students starting their journeys in science. Tim is based in Boston, Massachusetts, close to the beaches where his love for the ocean started.

In 2019, Tim and Mark Adolf founded Arctos Productions, a science and non-profit media and website design studio.

Tim graduated from Northeastern University studying Marine Biology with a minor in photography in 2019.

In 2018, Tim worked in Northeastern's College of Science writing and photographing stories about students, faculty, and research in the university.

In 2017, Tim worked at Environmental Defense Fund as an Ocean Communications intern based in San Francisco.

In 2017, Tim was chosen as a Grand Prize winner as part of Volcom's #Thisfirst contest.

Tim's work has been published in the following places.

Massive Science, The US-Mexico border is making life complicated for green sea turtles, June 18, 2019, Online

Alert Diver Magazine, A Cleaner, Brighter Future: Untangling Maui’s Reefs, Third Quarter, 2018 Online and in Print, page 108-109.

Volcom, Swimming with Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico with PangeaSeed Foundation

Northeastern University College of Science News (selected pieces)

The science (and co-ops) behind Boston Beer, January 2019

Magma blebs and volcano behavior on co-op at Woods Hole, November 2018

Caring for octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish on co-op, September 2018

Investigating the lives of one-clawed lobsters, July 2018

Biology professor Javier Apfeld awarded NSF CAREER grant for early career faculty, July 2018

Shaping light with groundbreaking biologically inspired materials, July 2018

Using drones to model climate survivors in Downeast Maine, June 2018

Ocean Conservancy 2018 Calendar, Cover

SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation and Travel, Issue 32, December 2017

Northeastern Magazine - in print and online. 2017

NU Sci Online, New American Farmers

Practical Fishkeeping April 2017

SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation and Travel, Issue 11, April 2016

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