I have regrettably few photos from our time in Nahant. While Nahant is a beautiful place, it is also home to a harsh winter which is much of what we experienced. Cameras tend to dislike rainy, windy, snowy, freezing weather which is a fun grab bag of conditions for our fieldwork to occur during. Most of these photos are, in fact, not taken in Nahant. All but the very first and last two images were taken in Plum Island, MA; Marion, MA; and Quoddy Head, ME.

We visited Plum island for our oceanography class and studied the large scale geologic and ocean processes that move and shape the shorelines. 

Our spring semester culminated in a week long trip to Quoddy Head, during which we conducted a Bioblitz, or an identification or collection of as many species as possible in one place, visited the closely neighboring Canadian coast, and unfortunately spent a lot of time preparing for our finals and papers due in the week after. Quoddy Head is one of my favorite places I've been in the world, and is truly beautiful, even in the biting wind and cold of April.