Coral Reef Ecology Dives

Lots of photos on this post! 

I haven't uploaded in a while, so this is a big post of the greatest hits of the dives I've been doing for Coral Reef Ecology class. I am very fortunately able to bring my camera on almost every dive in this class, so I've taken almost 1,000 images just on CRE dives and snorkels.

Included are a nudibranch, Lionfish, Squid, Burrfish, Toadfish, Jellyfish, and other fun stuff.

The Sea Wasp seen in the gallery is one of many that inhabit the mangroves just outside the lab that I've spent a lot of time in recently. I somehow spent a while in the mangroves before realizing these painful jellyfish were all around me. Luckily, I have yet to be stung. On a swim back from the mangroves I did manage to grab one by the tentacles with my open hand, but I remained un-stung. It's very strange to feel tentacles and expect pain that never comes. These guys sting when they sense chemicals on your skin, not just when they make contact. My only thought for why I came away unscathed is that I had put sunscreen or some other layer on my hand that prevented the jellyfish from sensing my skin.