Sloth parent-child pair and Zapatillas Islands

We had our first three-toed sloth encounter this week with a mother and child pair off of a trail at STRI! The mother was climbing around the branches with uncharacteristic vigor and held the baby on her chest. Very exciting to see another of Panama's amazing creatures!

Today, we used our day off to go to the Zapatillas Islands, a beautiful island with sandy beaches bordered with lush jungle. A hotspot for marine life, these islands are sites of Hawksbill Turtle nesting as well as surrounded by coral reefs. I am hoping to revisit the island when the turtles hatch, which should be soon! Included are photos of the island as well as from a dive just off shore on the rocky reefs.

The purple and yellow fish are Royal Grammas (Gramma loreto), and the photos of them aren't rotated! They hang upside-down under the reef where they spend their time, as they tend to orient themselves to whatever surface is closest.