Goodbye, Friday Harbor

I left FHL on the 19th of October, sad to say goodbye to great people and a beautiful place but looking forward to Bocas del Toro, Panama. Breck Tyler, Sean Place and Mackenzie Zippay, and Rachel Gittman led awesome classes in Marine Birds and Mammals, Physiological and Molecular Marine Ecology, and Conservation Biology, respectively.

I don't think I'll ever forget my time at Friday Harbor, but i have unfortunately lost the majority of my photos after a hard drive crash left me without about two thirds of my images consisting mostly of the early photos. My underwater shots and some later images survived thanks to my SD cards which held some RAW photos as well as somwhere around 1,500 recovered images. Big thanks to PhotoRec, an awesome, free, open-source image recovery software. 

The rest of my photos lie on a damaged drive that will cost upwards of $1,800 to repair and recover the lost data. At this point, that's a whole lotta cash that I don't think I can spend right now. Maybe one day I'll recover my photos. At the very least, I have all the photos here, on my website, as well as decent quality JPGs that I used to upload to my site. 

Back up your drives, people. They will fail eventually.

Here are images from a tidepooling session which involved the draining of a tidepool using buckets and hard work by the fish biology class from the University of Washington. They went out twice, late at night, to study the fish in the intertidal of San Juan Island and I tagged along the first night.